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Prospective Dropshippers for Amazon and eBay Sellers

Prospective Dropshippers for Amazon and eBay Sellers

We have made out a list of potential dropshippers for Amazon and eBay sellers for you to take bearings in the beginning of your career. In our turn, we do not hold financial interest, are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the listed below vendors.

In case you are a drop ship business newcomer, there are some things you should learn before you are able to adequately evaluate which of these drop shipping companies are the best for you.

  1. Drop shipping is not highly profitable since it is a convenience business. In order to make a lot of money, you must have volume sales.
  2. Even though shipping is done by other people for you, the setup and customer services will take up much of your time and energy.
  3. You still must have ample means on hand to cover returns of goods.
  4. Companies with physical stock are better than affiliate sellers. It is better to depend on one company than on two or more. Find out which they are.
  5. Before laying out any money get a price list and make sure that you will receive products at a price low enough to gain a profit.
  6. Do not pay blindly. If a monthly membership fee, a setup fee or any other fee is charged, be sure it is for the software or service valuable for you.

Free Dropshippers for Amazon and eBay

  • Tshirtgang.com is a free site that drop-ships T-shirts designed by you.
  • HonestGreen.com is in the green products business that has a selection of 15,000.
  • KoleImports.com – a wholesaler supplier since 1985 that now has started its own general merchandise drop shipping business. It offers a free service or may charge $50 to setup a website for you.
  • Dropshipdesign.com provides free eBay with listing tools and charges fee only after you have sold an item. To get access to the full list of over 1 million items, you will pay a $49.99 one-time membership fee.
  • ProductSourcing.com offers 30, 000 products to choose from and is free to join. Premium membership is available.

Reasonably Priced Dropshippers

    Simplix gives access to over 60 million products and direct access to over 3000 suppliers. It charges $2.97 to gain access.

    Megagoods specializes in video games and electronic, and charges $1.50 per item.

High Priced Dropshippers

    Dropshippres.com has 3, 5 million products and provides twenty four - seven customer service. One-time fee is from $99 to $299.

    Wholesale2b.com offers 1, 3 million items for resale and eBay software tools as well. Monthly fee for eBay package costs $24.99.

    Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise displays 10,000 items and products’ photos you can choose from. Monthly membership fee is $29.99.

This list of dropshippers for Amazon and eBay should give you a good start in your business. Avoid doing a Google search as all the top results are form self-promoting companies. Also read forum posts and discussions to learn the opinion of real people. Make sure to consider product demand before committing time and money to any dropshipping undertaking.